It’s Safe To Say Donald Trump Has Not Won Padma Lakshmi’s Vote

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Getty Image / Stephen Lovekin

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi isn’t shy about sharing her distaste for White House hopeful Donald Trump.

The Bravo fixture shared her thoughts on the orange juggernaut that’s been leading the GOP race at an event tied to the release of her new book Love, Loss, and What We Ate: A Memoir. A self-described “bleeding heart liberal,” Lakshmi expressed her concerns with Trump’s political philosophy, including his controversial approach to immigration.

“Even if he wasn’t the racist buffoon that he is making himself out to be, I probably wouldn’t vote for him,” Lakshmi said. “But as an immigrant, I obviously don’t see his worldview as mine.”

Laskhmi noted that it’s ridiculous for Trump to wrap himself in anti-immigration rhetoric when it’s only Native Americans that can truly claim not to be the product of immigrants in the United States. In her eyes, enormous walls and ethnicity-specific restrictions are “sort of antithetical to what this country is about.”

The TV personality/author also took Trump to task for his recent comments about potentially punishing women who get abortions. She’s certainly not alone in speaking out against the Republican nomination frontrunner’s views on reproductive rights and she thinks the 69-year-old media magnet doesn’t even know what he’s talking about when addressing the issue.

“I think he is insane,” Lakshmi said. “I think he’s blabbing, I don’t think he really knows what he is saying, I am not even sure he really believes that a woman shouldn’t have a right to choose. But I can only judge someone by what they say.”

So who is Padma Lakshmi currently backing for president? She says she gives the edge to Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders citing Clinton’s experience and qualifications as her deciding factor. Feel free to adjust your celebrity presidential endorsement markerboard accordingly.

(Via Variety)