Pat Robertson Takes The Crown For The Worst Reaction To The Orlando Massacre

We heard a pretty rough statement from John McCain earlier today, walked back rather quickly after people pointed out it’s poor timing. That would likely take the cake for post-Orlando massacre horribleness, but you can’t count out Pat Robertson. The ancient televangelist is still going strong on The 700 Club and he shared his opinions on the events in Orlando, managing to be fairly terrible in the process:

“The left is having a dilemma of major proportions and I think for those of us who disagree with some of their policies, the best thing to do is to sit on the sidelines and let them kill themselves,”

Now Right Wing Watch takes this to mean that gays and Muslims should be the ones killing each other. But Snopes is quick to point out that Robertson is likely referring to those on the left that will make policy decisions. Let them “kill” themselves with bad decisions that will destroy America or something along those lines. But still, even without the whole homosexual/Muslim holy war, Robertson is still able to come off sounding like his typical self:

“We’re looking at a favored group by the left, the homosexuals, and that in Islam is punishable by death or imprisonment or some sanction, so what are the left going to do?…In the meantime, Donald Trump is riding high because he said we should screen these people and he’s absolutely right. We should screen them. So the left is saying, ‘Oh you’re anti-Muslim, you’re racist’ and all this. Suddenly, that part of the narrative doesn’t play too well and they’re stuck as to what to do. But Trump is enjoying a victory.”

I’m actually going to be quite sad when Pat Robertson moves on to whatever frozen pit we all go to when we die. His rants about demon possessed clothing and gays causing hurricanes is good fun if you don’t take it seriously. I mean the guy doesn’t even know that mac and cheese is a dinner staple, calling it a “black thing.”

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