Patrick Stewart Summed Up All Of His Feelings About Donald Trump In One Hilarious Tweet

patrick stewart donald trump tweet
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Patrick Stewart is simply the best. Between dressing up in drag to promote his fantastic Starz show, Blunt Talk, and possibly starring alongside Hugh Jackman in the R-rated Wolverine 3, the 75-year-old British actor’s career has been (and continues to be) an absolute delight. He’ll always be Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise and the original Professor Charles Xavier for many, but to anyone who follows the thespian’s amazing Twitter account, Stewart is a veritable smorgasbord of subtle quips and hilarious commentary.

Consider his latest tweet, which presumably features a homeless New Orleans man holding a cardboard sign begging for money. Residents of major urban centers are used to seeing such individuals, and if they’re semi-decent people, they’ll help out on occasion. Stewart, however, couldn’t resist quintupling this fine gentleman’s request for $1. Why? Because the skinny Dog the Bounty Hunter doppelganger was threatening to vote for Donald Trump:

Aside from noting that the man’s request was “worth 5 bucks,” Stewart also emphasized just how funny the man’s cardboard sign was. Enough that it “made [him] forget the humidity for a moment.” That’s high marks for a cardboard sign dressed with nine sharpie-written words coming from a Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actor. Maybe this guy deserves a bit more than just a few dollars, no?

Unsurprisingly, Twitter took to Stewart’s post with much fanfare:

(Via Patrick Stewart on Twitter)