Patrick Stewart Is Almost Unrecognizable While Going In Drag To Promote ‘Blunt Talk’

If you haven’t watched Blunt Talk on Starz, you’re missing out on a fine slice of television comedy bliss. The title, previews, and involvement of Seth MacFarlane would have you expect a vulgar show that attempts to shock instead of actually being funny. Instead, Jonathan Ames follows up Bored To Death with a fine show that balances the obscene with smart laughs and characters you actually enjoy. Walter Blunt, played by Patrick Stewart, and his manservant/best friend Harry are likely one of the best duos on TV right now and the supporting cast isn’t overshadowed by Stewart’s larger than life personality on the show. He’s like a curious deviant that just enjoys meandering through the chaos around him. Fun stuff.

And to really knock that home, Stewart took the stage at Starz’s Blunt Talk Emmy Panel with a look that is sure to be memorable:

Stewart and co-star Adrian Scarborough (Harry) put on drag and showed off, earning comparisons to Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett in the process. Indiewire notes that Stewart “politely” disagreed with the Blanchett comparison and offered her an apology:

During the event, everyone’s favorite “Star Trek” captain (sorry, William Shatner) defied conventional wisdom by saying that one of the best things about filming fellow panelist and showrunner Jonathan Ames’ sitcom was the number of times he’s been able to say “I’ve never done that before.”

His drag getup was the latest example, but it was preceded by several others: snorting cocaine for a scene, shooting a post-coital reaction.

You can check out more shots from the event below, with Stewart in all of his made up glory. If anything, it should give you a proper reason to go back and check out the first season of the show. Many shows get the “best series on television” moniker at this point, so we can skip that. But Blunt Talk is a perfectly fine show that’s a good way to pass the time.

(Via IndieWire / Facebook)