Even Piers Morgan Is Condemning President Trump For Retweeting The Anti-Muslim Britain First Group

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For a president who frequently denies being sympathetic to white supremacists, President Trump sure does retweet white supremacists a lot. He took things a step further on Wednesday by retweeting several videos posted by Britain First — a far-right, anti-Muslim group that might have inspired the killer of British MP Jo Cox While Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders brushed off any suggestion that this not a good thing to tweet, Trump was rebuked across the pond by a few unlikely sources, including Prime Minister Theresa May and Piers Morgan. Really.

Upon seeing the retweets, Morgan took to Twitter to ask that Trump undo his retweets of Britain First’s content, calling the group a “bunch of disgustingly racist far-right extremists.”

Morgan took it a step further after people pointed out that Trump’s often engaged in similar Twitter behavior. “Todays’s retweets are a tipping point, for sure,” Morgan wrote on Twitter. “If Trump doesn’t recant, we must assume he endorses fascism & Islamophobia.”

Morgan has since put his thoughts into column form with this mouthful of a headline: “Endorsing a bunch of Muslim-hating fascists is the very WORST thing Trump has done as President and, unless he apologizes, makes him a racist and Islamophobe too.” He includes the line “You might as well have addressed the American people from the Oval Office with a Ku Klux Klan hat on.”

When Piers Morgan is condemning outrageous behavior, you know that it’s truly outrageous.

(Via Daily Mail)