Pittsburgh’s Mayor Claps Back After Trump Claimed To Represent ‘Pittsburgh, Not Paris’

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The Trump administration has chosen to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, a non-binding resolution that will take four years to remove the U.S. from. Since the accords are entirely voluntarily and simple guidelines, the mayors of America’s major cities have already told Trump in no uncertain terms that they’re sticking to the Paris accords anyway, but that didn’t stop Trump from saying he represents “Pittsburgh, not Paris.” And Pittsburgh’s mayor, Bill Peduto, has a few words for Trump.

Trump’s exact quote was “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris.” Peduto’s first response was that Trump is not popular in the land of Yinzers:

And, naturally, he had something to say in general:

Peduto was joined by several fellow mayors in rebutting Trump’s claim that he represents cities, which overwhelmingly voted against Trump in 2016:

That’s not a minor issue, either. Cities are responsible for 70% of greenhouse gases across the world, so they would need to be on board for any sort of climate change initiative in the first place. Furthermore, there’s little the federal government can do about city-level policy, unless the Trump administration wants to pass a law directly interceding in city business. In other words, in the end, it’ll be the mayors who have the most effect.