The Pizzagate Crowd’s New Bonkers Conspiracy Theory Is That The Chemical Attack In Syria Was A Hoax

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Infowars host Alex Jones recently apologized (for undoubtedly legal reasons) for spreading the bonkers fake Pizzagate conspiracy, but that doesn’t mean that the believers followed suit. After all, these are people who falsely accused Hillary Clinton and John Podesta of running a child sex ring out of a D.C. pizzeria’s basement. The fake news story remains wildly popular among the far-right, who’ve also found a new target while lashing out on Twitter.

Yes, there’s always room for one more madcap conspiracy theory in the far-right’s minds (since it’s no longer fun for them to drag Hillary Clinton’s so-called health woes). The latest target happens to be Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s recent chemical attack, which killed over 70 civilians (including women and children) while leaving hundreds more injured. This prompted President Trump’s Thursday night missile strike on a Syrian airbase, which earned Russian condemnation. Amazingly, the far-right has turned on “Neo-Con” Trump as well.

These ex-Trump supporters, many of the Nazi/white supremacist variety, argue that the chemical attack was staged by the so-called “deep state” as a “false flag” meant to incite war. Infowars takes things further by accusing George Soros and the British government of funding an orchestration by the White Helmets (the volunteer group of first responders who aid civilians in war-torn Syrian regions). And you can guess where this goes from here…

The Pizzagate crowd is raging hard. First up, Mike Cernovich (who Donald Trump Jr. recently said should receive a Pulitzer prize for fueling false accusations against Susan Rice) is tweeting warnings about the deep state:

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul is bizarrely waving false-flag claims, and he’s joined by WikiLeaks:

Nazi/white supremacist Richard Spencer is still hiding behind the #AltRight label while insisting that the strike was “not symbolic” (although it was) and condemning Trump’s “rush to war.”

Aaaaand Trump’s old tweets are coming back to haunt him and appearing within #SyriaHoax tweets by people who refuse to believe that Assad would kill his own people.

Also not helping matters — the so-far unsubstantiated claims that civilians (including children) were killed in the U.S. missile strike. If there’s any indication by the far-right’s willingness to extend conspiracy theories into oblivion, they’ll be making up fake news about this chemical attack for awhile. Will they stay angry at Trump?