Rachel Maddow Says She Sees ’50/50′ Odds Between Clinton And Trump Right Now

Just as the scroll found in George Washington’s grave predicted, there’s a very strong possibility of 2016’s big showdown for the White House being a Trump vs. Clinton affair. It’s a likely battle that Rachel Maddow has some thoughts on, including one preceded by the ominous words: “Liberals are going to freak out when I say this.”

The MSNBC host was a guest on Thursday’s edition of Late Night with Seth Meyers, a late-night television program that’s been doing a bang-up job this election season. Maddow dissected the mistakes the GOP establishment made in their strategy to outpace Donald Trump at the polls with a recommendation that Democrats need to learn something from these mistakes.

“A lot of the anti-Trump stuff, the way they tried to run against him was by saying, ‘he’s not a true conservative, he’s not been doctrinaire to all things that matter to the Republican party!’ Republican voters are like: (semi-rude gesture) ‘Hee hee! Who cares? Y’know? Like, we weren’t actually falling for that line you’ve been selling us for this time.’ “

Maddow’s advice? Hillary Clinton shouldn’t focus on a personality war and instead take down her rival’s policies which she suspects the Orange Dynamo doesn’t even understand or believe in. Approaching this likely White House chase with the right game plan is crucial according to the cable news personality. (This is the liberals freaking out warning thing.)

“If you care about politics this is a time when politics is really going to matter. I think right now, and liberals are going to freak out when I say this, but I think it’s 50/50 right now in terms of who wins. And how Hillary Clinton, who’s the likely Democratic nominee, runs against him, how he runs, is going to matter. Like, the practice of political campaigning is about to be really important. There’s nothing you can say right now intrinsically to who they are that tells you how it’s going to turn out. So this is a time to really pay attention. It is fun, it is interesting and it’s a little bit scary, but the future of our country is going to be radically different depending on which of these candidates wins. And the next six months is going to determine it and we all owe it our own country just to pay attention to it.”

Elsewhere in Trump talk on Late Night, Meyers gave “A Closer Look” at what to take away from recent polls about a Trump/Clinton matchup. Oh, and that whole white nationalist business.