Seth Meyers And Bernie Sanders Team Up To Create A Putdown Show, ‘Ya Bernt!’

Not everyone feels the bern, but when Bernie Sanders and Seth Meyers team up to take down every entity in Bernie Sanders’ path, a putdown show is born. In a rapid-fire Around The Horn-esque style segment, Seth sets up the subjects, which most familiar with his stump speech are aware of (big banks, the 1%, unfair taxes), and Bernie knocks ’em down with some sizzling hot disses. Ya bernt!

It’s a segment that will only get better with time. Sure, Bernie doesn’t have the best comedic timing in the world, but his comedy is that of an angry man shouting at the impossible to reach (or break up) clouds. His pithy one-liners emasculate the 1% and sum up the big banks in the best way possible – with snark. Ya bernt!

Of course, Bernie’s new catchphrase will likely light a fire under his supporters, who will use the #YaBernt hashtag at every possible moment. It will be used so much, that people will forget where it came from, and “Ya bernt!” will enter the lexicon as the ultimate political putdown. Of course, you’ll need a set up followed by a punchline that anthropomorphizes business industries too big to fail, but when ya bernt, ya bernt!

(Via Late Night with Seth Meyers)