Republicans Are Appalled ‘American Sniper’ Star Bradley Cooper Is Attending The DNC

Between the DNC and last week’s RNC, it’s been hard not to notice the difference in star power each of the conventions attracted. While the Democrats scored everyone from Elizabeth Banks to Lena Dunham to frigging Meryl, not to mention the dozens of celebrities who appeared in that “Fight Song” video… Republicans got, uh, Bob Loblaw? And one of the dudes from Duck Dynasty? General Hospital star Antonio Sabato Jr.?

It was, shall we say, not impressive. But the biggest slap in the face of Republicans came Wednesday night at the DNC, when cameras panned to Bradley Cooper seated in the audience, accompanied by his current girlfriend, Russian model Irina Shayk. Cooper, of course, starred as U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in American Sniper, a film largely praised and celebrated by conservative moviegoers, who helped the film become a blockbuster hit. So it came as an unfortunate surprise to many Republicans watching the DNC that Cooper is actually a Democrat in real life. Acting!

Many upset Republicans took out their frustrations on Twitter. Some even claimed that they planned to boycott Cooper’s film from now on.

And of course, once the news came out that those on the right-wing were upset about this shocking revelation, plenty of others on the left gloated in the aftermath.

(Via Daily Beast)