Report: Rex Tillerson Told U.S. Diplomats That Russia ‘Interfered’ With The Presidential Election

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Despite multiple reports suggesting State Secretary Rex Tillerson would be “forced out” within weeks and replaced by CIA Director Mike Pompeo, the former ExxonMobil CEO still possesses the top State Department job. Even so, rumors detailing his strained relationship with President Donald Trump have circulated for months, and a new report by The Daily Beast just might make things worse for the ex-businessman turned chief diplomat. Why? Because, according to the story, Tillerson allegedly told his staff that Russia “interfered in democratic processes here” during a closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

Aside from the brief moment of honesty, however, an unnamed diplomat who spoke with The Daily Beast described Tuesday’s meeting as an excuse for Tillerson to “praise” his boss in what was described as “Trump ass-kissing.” What’s more, the diplomat said Tillerson’s support within the State Department itself is all but depleted:

“He is f*cking tone deaf and has zero awareness of how miserable many people are,” the diplomat told The Daily Beast.

“He is so f*cking patronizing. He’s talking about making sure everyone can achieve their potential… he is saying he enjoys the people, getting to know the people, which is a total bag of sh*t.”

As for those who actually support the state secretary, it seems Tillerson’s only real ally is Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tennessee). Unlike the embattled department head, however, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s chairman has frequently clashed in public with President Trump.

(Via The Daily Beast)