Roger Stone Claimed To Have Met With Julian Assange On The Same Day He Predicted ‘Devastating’ Clinton Leaks

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According to reports, former Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone is getting a lot of attention from special counsel Robert Mueller. And unfortunately for Stone, he likely talked to Wikileaks’ Julian Assange about the DNC email hack before it was public. While Stone has started denying the claim (after nearly two years of bragging about it), recent news that the hacker who supplied the emails to Assange, Guccifer 2.0, was Russian military intelligence, has made those denials even less credible.

According to a new report, Stone sent an email claiming he had dinner with Assange on the same day that he appeared on Infowars and predicted that “devastating” emails about the Clinton Foundation were about to leak. According to CNN’s reporting, Stone made his “prediction” on August 4, 2016 and six days later publicly claimed to have met with Assange.

On the August 4, 2016, InfoWars show, Stone described the soon-to-appear WikiLeaks disclosures. He also mentioned that he spoke with then-Republican nominee Donald Trump on August 3—the day before the interview.

Stone wrote to former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg on August 4, 2016, that he had dinner with Assange the night before, according to a source familiar with the email exchange.

Naturally, it’s been reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is looking into all this, but Stone is maintaining that he didn’t leave the country in 2016.

(Via CNN)