Roger Stone Is Vowing To Bring Legal Action Against Twitter Over His Suspension

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Roger Stone got wild and crazy on Friday night with a major meltdown over news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury has approved the first charges in the DOJ’s Russia probe. The longtime, far-right political operative went ballistic while launching insult-tweets against CNN’s Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Ana Navarro, and Twitter suspended Stone indefinitely. Stone’s profane trade comes as no surprise, for no one is immune from his rage (not even Jared Kushner, who makes Stone want to “puke”), but Twitter wasn’t amused. As of Sunday morning, his account hadn’t been reinstated.

Well, the so-called “Albino Assassin” and proud conspiracy theorist spoke with Politico about his suspension, and he’s threatening legal action against Twitter. Here’s excerpts from a rambling email that Stone sent to Politico:

“[T]he battle against free speech has just begun … This is a strange way to do business and part and parcel of the systematic effort by the tech left to censor and silence conservative voices … I have been inundated on Twitter with death threats, threats to kill my wife, my family, my children and even my dogs yet Twitter seems unconcerned with these bloggers.”

Stone also told Politico that “prominent telecommunication attorneys” had informed him that he has legal standing to sue Twitter (on what grounds?). He also seemed baffled at the notion that he could be permanently banned, for he says that Twitter told him that the suspension would only last “three hours and 22 minutes.” However, Twitter may find that insults like “dumbf*ck,” “human excrement,” and “You fake news you dumb piece of sh*t” warrant a much longer suspension, possibly for good.

As far as Mueller’s announcement on the Russia probe goes, no one’s sure who’s being charged (or for what offenses), but much more action, including arrests, could happen as soon as Monday. Stone was also one of several Trump associates who was asked by the Senate to produce all Russia-related emails and communications for their probe. He voluntary complied and even took his theatrics to Capitol Hill for closed-door Senate testimony. Will Mueller single him out on behalf of the Justice Department’s grand jury on Monday? We’ll find out soon enough what happens.

(Via Politico)

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