The Russia Investigation Has Now Added A Former Longtime Trump Bodyguard To The Witness List

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Keith Schiller has been protecting Donald Trump since 1999. The ex-military former cop was hired as a body guard by the Trump Organization, and in just a few years he became head of security. He’s been by Trump’s side for almost two decades, and was promoted to White House director of Oval Office operations after Trump became president. It was Schiller who Trump sent to fire Comey via letter. But there is one thing that Schiller can’t necessarily protect Trump from: the Senate Investigative Committee’s probe into Trump’s ties to Russia.

The Russia investigation is narrowing in on Trump’s inner circle. In the next month or two, the committee will be interviewing some of the men closest to the President, including Jared Kushner, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. But, with the exception of Roger Stone, who lobbied for Trump in the ’90s and was part of his political musings over the decades, Schiller has known Trump the longest, and has had an incredibly intimate presence in the President’s life. He’s not only the muscle keeping an eye on Trump’s safety, he’s a trusted confidante who is incredibly protective of Trump’s image. CNN reports that Schiller has taken it upon himself in the past to ensure press shots of Trump caught the then-candidate’s best angles.

Of course, that means Schiller will be sitting in an incredibly uncomfortable hot seat when he appears before the Senate, caught between his long-time boss and the responsibilities of testifying under oath. He’s been notably reticent in the past of speaking with the press, and prefers to let Trump do the talking and take the limelight. But given what a direct role he played in Comey’s dismissal, and the fact that he’s the proverbial fly on the wall to numerous Trump family interactions, it’s obvious why investigators want to hear from him.

(Via: ABC)