A Prankster Passed Out Tiny Russian ‘Trump’ Flags That CPAC Attendees ‘Blindly Waved’ At The Event

In what can only be described as ultimate trolling, a person handed out miniature Russian flags with Donald Trump’s name brandished on them at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday. CPAC officials caught on to the ruse and confiscated the flags, but that didn’t stop people from waving them at the event.

CPAC has been filled with plenty of rabble rousing with Trump leading the pack and further decrying the media as “fake news.” In an attempt to toss salt on the wound, he called even CNN the “Clinton News Network.” And Trump wasn’t the only one making jokes, as someone in attendance handed out the Russia-Trump flags. The New York Post reported that people “blindly waved” them in support of the Commander-in-Chief.

But alas, the fun soon ended as CPAC staff quickly confiscated the flags. They seemed to take the matter seriously, too, for The Hill reported that if people were seen waving the flags, they would be kicked out.

The Trump-Russia connection has been a sore spot for him, especially after national security advisor Michael Flynn resigned due to his lies concerning a chat with the Russian ambassador. Coupled with the fact the Trump administration asked the FBI to subdue unsavory Russian stories (which they refused to do, earning an early morning tweetstorm from Trump), the White House wants the issue to go away. But these photos will live on forever.

(Via The Hill & The New York Post)