Anthony Scaramucci’s ‘The Scaramucci Post’ Hosted Another Holocaust-Related Poll That Did Not Go Well

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Earlier this week, the Twitter account of The Scaramucci Post, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci’s nebulous media property, started tweeting about the Holocaust.

The poll was deleted, but eagle-eyed observers were able to find other tweets that show a fascination with a so-called Anne Frank Halloween costume.

Scaramucci was reportedly angry about the poll, and “staffer” Lance Laifer took the blame and said, “The intent of the poll was to highlight ignorance of the basic facts of the Holocaust.”

For some reason, the Scaramucci Post team took a couple days to regroup and get back to using the internet to talk about the Holocaust.

“Before we move on we will spend the next half hour digging on one question: How many Jews were alive worldwide in 1939,” the account asked.

Even more strangely, unlike the first time the Twitter account started talking about the Holocaust, Scaramucci is (reportedly) fully on board with this new round of questions.

What point is the Scaramucci Post trying to make? That is impossible to tell. But they did use the opportunity to draw attention to a painting Laifer had done of the Israeli flag(?) that includes the number 6,000,000, which is widely credited as the number of Jews that were killed by the Nazi regime.

There are just more and more of these.

It’s incredibly bizarre.

The Scaramucci Post is either doing a public service or trolling, and no one can tell the difference.