The Sexual Battery Case Filed Against Seal Has Reportedly Been Dropped

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Seal won’t face criminal charges stemming from a sexual battery complaint filed by his neighbor. TMZ is reporting that the LA County District Attorney’s office has dropped the case due to a “lack of witnesses” to confirm the incident happened, and the statue of limitations ran out as well.

Seal was accused by actress Tracey Birdsall last month — she said that he groped her and forcefully kissed her while she was at his home in February 2016. She said they had developed a close relationship, and chose to speak out after Seal posted an Instagram post calling out Harvey Weinstein, and encouraging women to tell their stories about sexual misconduct. This post unsurprisingly brought forth a storm of drama for him, because it featured Oprah. He later clarified that the post wasn’t really about her, after dropping a Facebook video that also called out Fox News:

In a statement to Pitchfork, Seal said he would fight to defend himself against the allegation, but it seems like he’s in the clear for now. Even though this issue was brought to a close, the issue of sexual misconduct in pop culture still remains a huge topic that is quickly weeding out some of entertainment’s most notable faces.