Seth Meyers Can’t Handle Taking A Closer Look At Anthony Weiner’s Connection To Hillary’s Email

Seth Meyers came out of the gate early for a “Closer Look” at the situation with FBI and Hillary Clinton’s emails. Not only is he flabbergasted by the media response to the letter from FBI director James Comey to Congress, but he’s confused how we managed to bring Anthony Weiner back into the spotlight with only a week to go in the election.

Trump might be a walking scandal with his taxes, ties to Russia, relationships with women, and general demeanor, but the email thing is clearly something that takes the cake. At least that’s what you’d think given the media coverage that followed Friday’s “bombshell.” Meyers takes CNN and the rest to task almost as much as the FBI, Trump, and Weiner. There’s even some fun shadow play once Weiner enters the discussion, all before he manages to ruin Christmas for everybody.

There’s not as much fire here like when Meyers took on Trump’s non-stop lying, but that’s understandable. Everybody is at the exhaustion point in this election. Emails, groping women, Russia. The most fun election in history turned into the worst thing to ever happen to American politics. I don’t mean that in the hyperbolic, apocalyptic way that some folks seems to mean it, but this is not a fun election. The fun died after choking on some gold flakes at the bottom of a pile of deleted emails. All before it got shouted at by Gary Johnson.

(Via Late Night)