Ted Nugent Is The Cherry On Top Of Seth Meyers’ Final ‘Closer Look’ Of Election 2016

The weekend before the election was relatively uneventful aside from the conclusion to the Hillary Clinton email sh*tshow by the FBI, showcasing a selection of high profile campaign stops for Hillary Clinton and a few oddities by Donald Trump. Beyonce, Jay Z, Jon Bon Jovi, LeBron James, and Katy Perry were all out on the campaign trail to support Hillary, much to chagrin of Trump who knocked the “language” used by Jay Z on stage before saying he didnt need celebrities to help him at his rallies.

Instead, Trump used Halloween masks and Ted Nugent to get out the word for him. It’s almost like the mirror version of a campaign, full of ugly hats, poor technology, and a guy who used to wear a loincloth on stage and became the legal guardian of the underage girl he was dating at the time. He’s not the first to do that sort of thing, but it does stick out when the guy is out there supporting Donald Trump.

There’s also some fun stuff about Barac Obama’s future in standup after he leaves the White House. He’s still the most entertaining president we’ve had at the mic, outshining George W. Bush for all the right reasons and even making Hillary Clinton look a little foolish with her mom jokes. Luckily you don’t need a lot of jokes and fun to be president. Richard Nixon proves that.

(Via Late Night)