Seth Meyers Can’t Help Trolling Paul Ryan And His Lackluster Dabbing Skills

It’s easy to get distraught or angry about the current state of Obamacare. If you’re against the health care plan, you have some very real fears about rising premiums and how it will affect your daily life. But if you support the ACA and currently use it, your fears might be a little greater given the GOP’s recent moves to repeal the law. It’s far from perfect, but the idea of a repeal without a replacement is not pleasing, and we saw the face of someone who would be affected by that decision during Paul Ryan’s recent town hall.

Seth Meyers uses this encounter as the focal point of his latest Closer Look, but he also spends a lot of the time having a laugh at the expense of Speaker Ryan. And why not? Paul Ryan was already silly enough for the original dab moment that painted him as a little out of touch, even if that kid was dabbing at an inappropriate moment. But to follow that with claims that he knows what a dab is and then have him do the move, it’s worthy of ridicule.

It’s also a way to laugh in the face of something truly terrible. Nobody is against people having healthcare, but how we get to that point is in contention. With Congress resorting to goat comparisons to support a repeal, it’s up to people to ask what the replacement will be. The ACA has plenty of issues, but why not detail a replacement plan instead of just saying coverage for all and concluding with a dab. This is especially important when the possible replacement could cost taxpayers more than the current plan.

(Via Late Night)