Two Stars Of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Say They Were Harassed By Trump Supporters Yelling ‘CUCKS!’

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Stars of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani, and Thomas Middleditch say they were harassed by two Donald Trump supporters in a Los Angeles restaurant. The two said the altercation was on the verge of getting violent because of their opposition to Trump.

Since the surprising presidential election, there has been a wave of reported altercations between the pro-Trump crowd and the, well, non-Trump crowd. Disagreements are par for the course in a post-election world, but some of these incidents have been on the verge of becoming violent. Nanjiani and Middleditch said they were shocked to be a part of the harassment. Nanjiani recounted how he and his Silicon Valley co-star were at a bar in Los Angeles and were approached by Trump supporters who got into their faces and taunted them by yelling “CUCKS,” a derivative of the word “cuckold” that’s become an insult popular with the alt-right crowd.

Nanjiani went on to say he was in shock this happened in a crowded bar and discussed the hypocrisy surrounding people’s justifications of voting for Trump.

Middleditch also shared his feelings on his Twitter page. He said he was shocked at the incident and couldn’t believe this was the discourse we are already seeing not even a week after the election:

Nanjiani and Middleditch were outspoken in their opposition of Trump during the campaign season and it, unfortunately, looks to be affecting them. But it is good to know the confrontation did not turn violent and that people at the venue had the duo’s back.

(Via The Verge)