These Insane Images Of Softball-Sized Hail Prove Everything Is Bigger In Texas

Rain and snow can bring hazardous conditions in moderate quantities, but even the thinnest sheet of ice signals true danger. At the beginning of spring, “golfball-sized hail” is a term one grows accustomed to hearing from the excited mouths of weathermen. This phrase grows especially common in the early spring, when nature can’t figure out what the hell it wants to do, and thunderstorms can bring a wealth of unpleasant surprises. People get used to these things with a shrug of the shoulders. Build a carport, and hail may no longer be a menace, right? Well, northern Texans were in for a whole heap of trouble on a very wild Monday night.

Baseball and softball-sized chunks of hail entered the mix when an unusually volatile storm had its way over Dallas, Fort Worth, and Denton. In the above photo, one man showed evidence of his battered home, which will make for one unhappy insurance company. And this family filmed the scene outside their refuge where their unlucky car lost its windows.

Elsewhere, people showed off competing images of what they found on the streets and in their front yards. These photos started off with baseballs and steadily grew worse.

This news video shows how crazy Texas weather can be. Footage includes softballs dropping into swimming pools and shattering glass at will. Hopefully, spring will soon calm down with a relaxing summer to follow.