Sean Spicer Bolted From His Press Briefing Without Answering Questions To A Chorus Of Shouting Reporters

Sean Spicer was scheduled to hold a Tuesday press conference, which did not go as planned, as one can easily infer from the chorus of “SEEEEAAAAN!” cries heard in the above clip. He had invited a special guest — Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Mick Mulvaney — to speak for over 30 minutes about the new bipartisan spending bill. Mulvaney articulated the White House’s position (as a followup to Trump’s angry tweets), which was, unsurprisingly, that the Democrats should not “spike the football.”

When Mulvaney concluded, it was (presumably) time for Scary Spice to answer questions (as is customary), but he fled the room alongside Mulvaney. Yet as the above clip reveals, the press was not happy to see their secretary bolt from the room. Here’s an even funnier clip.

What was Spicer so afraid to discuss … Trump’s third scheduled phone call (early this afternoon) with Vladimir Putin? The call reportedly didn’t go as poorly as the last one, and the two leaders even reportedly discussed a possible in-person meeting. Soon? Spicey won’t tell.

Within minutes of his departure, CNN’s Brenna Williams tweeted the below clip of NBC’s Peter Alexander, who revealed the bad news to his colleagues: “He said he’s not coming back.” What a sad day.