Stephen Colbert Writes Off Al Franken’s Future In The Senate After Clearing Up His Rights As An Entertainer

Dozens of Democrat senators called upon Al Franken to resign after yet another woman came forward, accusing Franken of inappropriate behavior. From Democratic leader Chuck Schumer to majority leader Mitch McConnel, an ever-growing list want Franken to step down. Franken has said that he’ll hold a press conference on Thursday but pushed back at the idea of resigning. That didn’t stop Stephen Colbert from calling him “former Senator.”

Colbert takes major umbrage to the claim that Franken said “it’s my right as an entertainer” as he was allegedly shut down by a congressional aid after trying to kiss her. Colbert, thankfully, always carries a little Bill of Rights for entertainers and they read as follows:

  • I have the right to ride the rides at Disney ahead of children.
  • I skip security at airports through one of those unmarked doors.
  • Unlimited free Apple stuff.

Nowhere does it say you get kisses from a congressional aid after the taping of a radio show. As Colbert points out, even if Franken says this claim is “categorically untrue,” it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of this mess. And so, the dam has broken and the left wants Franken out as the right pumps funds into the Senate race between alleged predator and disgraced judge Roy Moore and Doug Jones.

(Via The Late Show)