Taco Bell Is Giving Away Free Tacos On Cinco De Mayo

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Taco Bell, purveyor of the finest fast food cheese sauce in the continental United States, is giving away free tacos on Tuesday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. In addition, the chain is calling the event “Breakfast Defector Day.”

The sausage biscuit tacos will be given away at participating locations between 7 and 11 a.m. Tuesday morning. Each individual customer is only allowed one taco, but if there’s one Taco Bell in your area, there’s got to be at least two more within 20 minutes. If you start early, you could hit 3, maybe even 10 franchises before you realize that you’re too full to ever eat again.

Unlike McDonald’s, which was asking customers for a Taco Bell receipt when it was giving out free breakfast in April, Taco Bell just wants you to show up early and stuff deliciousness into your mouth. Good job, Taco Bell! You win this round.

Source: Refinery 29