Ted Cruz Has Had Enough Of The CNBC Debate Moderators’ Dumb Questions, Dammit

At one point in tonight’s GOP debate on CNBC, Carl Quintanilla — one of the event’s moderators — asked Ted Cruz a question about the debt limit. Cruz responded by taking the opportunity to slam the questions offered up by the CNBC hosts who are moderating the debate.

“This is not a cage match,” Cruz declared to applause from the audience. “How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?”

Cruz continued to bloviate on about how great and smart he and the other Republican candidates are for another minute or so — also how the Democratic candidates are Soviet Union-era czars or something — then when the moderators tried to move on he got pissy because they weren’t going to let him answer the question they originally asked him, despite the fact that he used all of his time to complain about the questions being asked. Politics!

Also, in his opening remarks, Cruz offered himself up to be America’s designated driver for the next four years…

Serious question: Would you get in a car with Ted Cruz?

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