People Can’t Stop Watching Ted Cruz Elbowing His Wife In The Face

Ted Cruz’s ego may have been bruised Tuesday night, but probably not as badly as Mrs. Cruz’s face. After delivering his deliciously awkward concession speech following his humiliating loss in Indiana, the Texas senator punched and elbowed his wife in the face.

The two-piece combo was “accidentally” delivered while Cruz warmly embraced his father Rafael. Somehow, the senator failed to notice his wife standing centimeters away from him, despite having just hugged her. Totally not good for a guy who’s already suspected of being the Zodiac Killer.

“When you’re the Zodiac killer and you want to murder your wife, but everyone is watching so you elbow her in the head instead,” captioned one social media user on a video of the embarrassing incident. “Ted Cruz punches her in the face, then gives her the People’s Elbow. Zodiac Killer style,” read another.

And it looks like elbowing people may very well be Ted Cruz’s thing. Earlier this year, in a New York Times piece that painted Cruz as a Supreme Court clerk obsessed with the death penalty, former co-workers revealed the failed presidential candidate was the worst kind of co-worker. They said Cruz “elbowed widely” during basketball games and yelled “my bad!” after. Coincidence? I think not.