‘The Daily Show’ Hilariously Mocked Carly Fiorina’s Terrifying Singing At The Ted Cruz Rally

It’s been a banner week for Ted Cruz. He announced his veep for a presidential ticket he can’t possibly hope to secure, and got called literally the devil by former Speaker of the House John Boehner. On Thursday night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah gave a scathing rundown on all things Cruz, but one of the more hilarious things that stood out wasn’t about Cruz himself, but about his running mate Carly Fiorina.

At the rally where Cruz announced Fiorina, he mentioned that she makes up songs to sing to his daughters Caroline and Catherine while traveling on the campaign bus. Wait, what? How old are Ted Cruz’s daughters again? I know one is old enough to be repulsed at the thought of being kissed by her father, so I would assume being sung to by the crazy lady would also be out of the question.

When given the floor, possibly in an attempt to humanize herself, Fiorina sang one of those songs for the crowd. There’s not really an appropriate response other than silent, slack-jawed horror, so The Daily Show editing team did just that by presenting the pair’s ticket as a horror film, complete with creepy singing. This is what a Cruz/Fiorina America would look like, people.