‘The Daily Show’ Finds Some Fun In Fox News’ Desperation To Create A Narrative Following The Las Vegas Shootings

Trying to find some humor following the events that hit Las Vegas on Monday seems like an impossible task, even if you want to struggle to find something to grab onto. That’s like what Trevor Noah and The Daily Show were aiming to do on Tuesday night, keeping on the strong message that was shared by most of late night on Monday night while also sharing laughs with his audience. Luckily the show had its favorite target ready to provide a stream of humor that also covered the horrendous tragedy in Las Vegas.

Fox News was quick to join many politicians and Conservative pundits in saying that now is not the time to bring politics into the discussion or try to push a political agenda through to force legislation. While the network stayed away from the many hoaxes and rumors that flooded the internet in the early moments of the incident, they quickly took up defensive positions that we’ve numerous times following mass shootings of the past. But as Trevor Noah points out, their tune about politicizing a shooting seems to change depending on the situation, quickly comparing the response of several personalities to their response in the wake of the Pulse Nightclub massacre in Orlando. While their discussion doesn’t address gun control or gun violence, they were quick to target Muslims and ask when changes would be made.

Then Noah focuses in on one Fox News host in particular by showing Sean Hannity’s response to the attack and what he would’ve done if he had been there as a responsible gun owner. Even Laura Ingraham has to partially shut down the notion that Sean Hannity, trained to safely use a firearm, could’ve stopped the shooter in his hotel room 32 floors up. He’s somehow already in the room in his hypothetical, but it doesn’t make it any less silly. Any reasonable person would want someone in the room to stop the shooter, but that wasn’t going to happen in reality.

While it seems like nothing will change as a result of this mass shooting, the discussion from the media at least seems ready to stop feeding into the notion that now isn’t the time to talk about the issues.

(Via The Daily Show)