This May Be The Greatest Bill Murray Photo Ever Taken

The internet loves Bill Murray. And because he’s a bit of an eccentric with a penchant for popping up randomly among complete strangers in unexpected places — hipster loft parties in Williamsburg and downtown NYC karaoke parties among them — some amazing photographs of the after-hours Bill Murray have graced the web in recent years. But the one above — which was published on the society page of Sunday’s Times Picayune to accompany a mention about a party at the home of writer Julia Reed — may be the greatest ever taken.

Look at that disheveled face. Look at those eyes. It looks as though he’s lost, like his soul has been taken hostage — and by virtue of the fact that he’s standing next to Julia Reed in the photo, that may have indeed happened (Sorry, you’d probably have to be from New Orleans to understand my Reed-hate).

Come to think of it, this may not be the greatest Bill Murray photo ever taken, it may actually be the saddest. I’m so confused.