Tom Hanks Gifted The White House Press Corps With An Espresso Machine And A Perfect Note

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Journalism is a tough job, often filled with sleepless nights and staying on-call at all hours. Covering the current White House administration is an even rougher beat than usual. This is especially the case since President Trump has branded the media as “the enemy” and retaliated against them (for publishing unfavorable stories about Russian ties) by banning his least-favorite outlets from press briefings. So, perhaps these reporters could use a little help. After all, it’s nice to know that someone cares.

One guy who cares — a lot — is Tom Hanks. The venerable Academy Award winner sent a gift package over to the White House Press Corps. Inside, they found a shiny and powerful new espresso machine. Even better than the present itself? A kickass note from Hanks, who told them to “Keep up the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the American Way … Especially the Truth part.” ABC News Correspondent Jordyn Phelps showed off the goods.

Meanwhile, Jake Tapper highlights how this isn’t the first time that Hanks has delivered a caffeine-dispersing mechanism to the White House. This is the third such instance, which will arm these reporters with plenty of double shots in the months and years to come.

Other journalists, including Peter Alexander of NBC News, Steve Holland of Reuters, and Steve Herman of VOA News, also shared the news and loaded up on the good stuff.

This was a wonderful (and continuing gesture) from Hanks. Everything related to the White House is so damn bonkers right now that no one knows when Trump will deliver a 75-minute rage fest. This doesn’t even account for the antics of Sean Spicer. Thank goodness for coffee.