Tomi Lahren Wants A Judge To Hold Glenn Beck In Contempt For A ‘Public Smear Campaign’

While the ongoing mess involving Bill O’Reilly and his golden parachute continues to play out at the Fox News network, there’s still drama going down at Glenn Beck’s conservative media empire. Namely, this involves Tomi Lahren’s wrongful termination lawsuit after she was taken off the air for expressing her pro-choice stance on The View. The resulting drama most recently included Lahren cryptically accusing Beck of “misconduct” while he and TheBlaze labelled her as an “unprofessional” pain in the tush in a countersuit. And then there was that mysterious expose from the Daily Caller that told “The Inside Story About How Tomi Lahren Flamed Out At TheBlaze.”

The story was filled with ridiculous diva details, some of which sounded plausible and some that were rather outlandish. There were allegedly feuds with staffers and makeup artists, and — most hilariously — a claim that Tomi demanded that her “butt pad” be warmed up in the microwave. It provided quite the visual for how Lahren may have fired herself up for rants, but the lady isn’t happy at all about the butt-pad tale.

Lahren’s convinced that Beck had everything to do with the entire Daily Caller piece, and she’s asking a judge to hold him in contempt of court:

The filing came three days after the judge ordered both sides not to publicly criticize each other. “It took no less than 48 hours for [Beck and The Blaze] to violate this Court’s order,” the filing said. “This Court should immediately get to the bottom of what appears to be a very transparent attempt at a public smear campaign by Defendants.”

The story “goes to great lengths to publicly smear, humiliate and embarrass Lahren,” the filing said, adding that she can’t defend herself because of the court’s order.

In response, a spokesperson for both Beck and TheBlaze claimed not to know who was talking to the press, which could be true. Anyone could have spoken to the Daily Caller for kicks, and maybe there was even some artistic license taken with the piece, yet Lahren seems convinced that Beck is to blame.

However, there’s some news that Lahren must be thrilled about right now. TheBlaze has stopped holding her personal Facebook page hostage, so she’s free to record and air her own shock-jock videos for fans once again. That’s probably where she can be found until at least September, which is when Lahren will finally be free of her contract and able to pursue other work.

(Via Dallas Morning News)