Tomi Lahren Is Not Impressed With MTV’s New Year’s Resolutions For White Dudes

Right-wing darling Tomi Lahren made some of her trademark scorching hot takes Tuesday night while discussing an MTV list of 2017 New Year’s resolutions geared to white guys. Or as she so eloquently put it introducing the segment: “Forget while privilege, to be truly advantaged and free to speak and express in this country, you don’t have to be a certain color but apparently you must be a liberal snowflake.”

The clip included suggestions such as recognizing that America has never been “great” for anyone who isn’t a white guy, a reminder that Black Lives Matter is very much a thing (while “blue lives matter” is not), to stop saying “woke” and mansplaining everything, and that yes, Beyonce cares about black issues because Beyonce is black.

Not at all surprisingly, these remarks did not sit well with Lahren, who essentially says that you can take saying “woke” out of her cold dead hands. She also took umbrage with the part about her old friend Beyonce, of whom she says, “Wouldn’t it be nice if she cared as much about violence in black communities as much as she cares about shaking her butt at the Super Bowl?” Yeah, she is still super not letting that one go.

Incredibly, near the end Lahren does manage to get in a valid dig at MTV by saying, “I don’t think many Americans will be taking New Year’s resolutions from the network that also gives us Teen Mom.” In a nutshell, Lahren’s latest rant can be summarized as: “Insanity, rage, frothing insanity … more insanity … pretty good Teen Mom burn.”