Tomi Lahren Slams The ‘Laughable, Disgusting’ Media For Questioning Trump’s Health

On Wednesday morning’s Fox and Friends, the topic of conversation turned to the mainstream media’s response to Donald Trump’s recent physical — the results of which seemed somewhat questionable, to say the least. The hosts were joined by regular Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren to comment on the nearly hour-long press conference with the president’s doctor, and predictably she was up to her usual shenanigans.

“I think that the time would have been better spent having that doctor assess everyone in that room,” the 25-year-old boldly declared. “Listening to that, if they watch this, these ‘journalists’ [making air quotes], if they watch this back and they don’t think there’s an issue with the questions that they asked, the way they behaved, we’ve got a major problem here.”

Responding to an observation from Steve Doocy that reporters seemed to be digging for bad news, Lahren continued her rant. “We’ve got two groups of people in the mainstream media, we’ve got one half of these people that are actually ignorant and they believe the world can be run on unicorn dust and Oprah Winfrey’s hugs,” she claimed. “Then you’ve got the second half that know that’s not the case, but they’re so upset that this president is winning for the American people because it invalidates everything they’ve been saying for the last two years.”

“And in either way, it’s laughable, it’s disgusting, and it’s really a disservice to the American people,” she concluded. Sure thing, Toyota Lasagna.