Anchor Tomi Lahren Returns With A Rip-Roaring Rant Against ‘Soft’ Millennial Men

Mega-conservative Blaze anchor Tomi Lahren is back after becoming well known for her Dennis Miller-esque rants against everything from President Obama and terrorism to Beyonce and whiny millennials. She’s ready to touch upon that last topic again, but first, she takes on the student loan crisis. Lahren famously holds a great deal of distaste for almost everything. She also enjoys reminding everyone of how she may be a millennial, but she can’t stand her own generation.

In the clip below, Lahren reminds those who hold student loans of what they probably already know. That is, they signed on the dotted lines and are required to pay back what they owe. Again, she’s not saying anything new, but still rips into Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s financial policies with such ferocity that conservatives love her. Yet Lahren cannot stand Donald Trump, either, which appears to make her a political wild card. Lahren holds sympathy for no one, and in the clip above, it’s her thoughts on millennial men that have scored over two million views.

Above, Lahren drops a bomb upon the seeming helplessness of men who can’t change a light bulb or purchase ladies’ drinks without the help of their parents’ credit cards. Lahren insists she pays for her own drinks, and she believes it’s not the fault of strong women that millennial men can’t handle them. Then comes a tirade about fatherless homes, and you see where she’s going. Lahren is fairly skilled at tearing down several groups at once, thereby rendering her audience blind from disbelief, before she zeroes in on her point. You may not agree with her conclusions, but she artfully arrives at her takedown destinations. I’d kind of like to see her debate Trump.

(Via BroBible)

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