Track Palin’s Allegations Of Domestic Abuse Are Much Crazier Than Imagined

2008 Republican National Convention: Day 3
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All families are a little crazy, but the Palin clan takes the public prize for the greatest onslaught of unhinged behavior in one day. Much of that had to do, of course, with Sarah Palin’s nonsensical endorsement of Donald Trump and the speech that followed. Another head-scratching inspiration emerged from the blog of Bristol Palin, which took Ted Cruz to task for “turning against my mom.” Bristol characterized Cruz as a “typical politician” and hypocrite, so “how rude to that he’s setting up a false narrative about her!” Bristol is also still subject to the bizarre baby conspiracy theory, which hasn’t been solved.

Meanwhile, 26-year-old Track Palin spent Tuesday in jail. Track was charged with assault on his girlfriend plus counts of domestic violence and possessing a weapon while intoxicated. The full affidavit containing the allegations can be found here and includes some truly disturbing details. Track’s girlfriend wished to remain anonymous, but when police found her, she was hiding under a bed (at the Palins’ home in Wasilla, Alaska) and crying.

Track allegedly punched the victim and drunkenly waved around a gun, which he used to threaten suicide. After she hid, he busted around the home while trying to find her, but left in frustration. The victim sustained visible bruising and swelling, including around one eye after Track allegedly hit her with a closed fist. She also suffered injuries to one knee. Officers located an unloaded AR-15 rifle in the home’s kitchen, which was the weapon Track allegedly brandished. Records show that Track was taken into custody and released on a mere $1,500 bail. Here’s part of the police record:

Palin approached [Redacted] and struck her on the left side of her head near her eye with a closed fist. [Redacted] got on the ground in a fetal position because she didn’t know what else he would do. Palin then kicked [redacted] on the right knee. [Redacted]’s phone was sitting on the ground in front of her. Palin took her phone and threw it across the driveway. She retrieved the phone and went inside the house. Palin was already inside and holding onto a gun, yelling “do you think I’m a p*ssy?” and “do you think I won’t do it?” [Redacted] stated Palin “cocked the gun” and was holding the rifle out next to him with the his right hand near the trigger and his left hand near the barrel, with the barrel just away from his face pointed to the side. [Redacted] was concerned that he would shoot himself and ran outside and around the house. She didn’t see where Palin went, so she went inside and up the stairs, where she hid under a bed.

This isn’t the first time booze and violence mixed at the Palin house. During the Great Palin Family Brawl of 2014, Track reportedly ripped off his shirt and began to fight partygoers while hurling insults at his sisters. The history of the Palins grows stranger with every passing moment.

(Via Gawker)