Trump Is Now Accusing Hillary Of Being On Drugs At The Last Debate, Calls For Pre-Debate Drug Testing

Those who wondered how unshackled Donald Trump would possibly behave on the campaign trail are receiving their answer. During a Saturday rally in Portsmouth, N.H., Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being on drugs during the last debate. He preceded this out-of-left-field statement by reasoning that he and Hillary Clinton are “like athletes,” and so they should behave accordingly. He suggested they both pee in a cup before the final debate on Wednesday. Let’s listen to what else he has to say:

“We should take a drug test, prior …. ’cause I don’t know what’s going on with her! But at the beginning of our last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning. And at the end, it was like [gestures], ‘Oh, take me down!’ She could barely reach her car.”

And here we go with Trump not-so-subtly linking Clinton’s Ground Zero stumble — where she did have trouble reaching her car because she was overheated and suffering from pneumonia — to his newest conspiracy theory.

On Twitter, MTV News’ Jamil Smith now wonders when Trump will progress to outright calling Clinton a demon. Well, it shouldn’t be long before this happens. TIME‘s Zeke Miller points out that Trump likely lifted this drug theory from a recent discussion between Alex Jones and Roger Stone. And since Jones has already called President Obama and Clinton demons who smell like sulphur (Obama reacted to this marvelously), it’s only a matter of time before Trump repeats this conspiracy theory too.

Unshackled Trump is striking out in seemingly random directions, but he should be wary of the consequences here. This outburst may caused renewed Internet speculation over his own sniffling attack at the first debate. Since Trump harbors a fondness for projection, a former VP of the Trump Organization ponders what he’s saying about himself. Barbara Res tweeted, “I didn’t think Trump took drugs until he made that comment about drug testing. Now I am absolutely certain, he is on drugs. That’s his way.”

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