You Can’t Cancel Recurring Donations To Donald Trump’s Campaign No Matter How Hard You Try

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Donald Trump’s presidential bid has survived many horrendous episodes in the eyes of establishment Republicans, but this week ranks as the most consistently embarrassing stretch. Only a few months ago, Trump was content to make derogatory comments about his opponents and stoke the xenophobic fire. But this week? He’s battled with the Khan family, some fellow Republicans, and even a baby. The nation learned of his reported, alarming thoughts on nukes, and he was even scolded by Bill O’Reilly.

So, it would make sense for even the most die-hard Trump supporters to have second thoughts. Perhaps they’d like to cancel their recurring donations to his campaign? Well, good luck if you’re one of those unfortunate souls because word on the internet street is that it’s impossible to cancel a recurring Trump donation. CNN’s Jerry Diamond received this letter from a disgruntled Trumpian, who says there’s no “cancel” option to be found on Trump’s website. He’d like some help, please.

Mic decided to put $1 up on the investigative chopping block, and they found that this ex-supporter’s claim is all too true. Not only is there no visible cancellation option, but there’s also no way to delete credit card information. The only option is to switch to another valid card, and even inserting random numbers won’t help. Once you’re in the system, there’s no climbing out — other than cancelling one’s credit card.

However, Mic notes that Hillary Clinton’s campaign makes it very easy to cancel recurring payments. And I guess that’s just one more example of how the two presidential nominees couldn’t be more different.

(Via Mic)