Donald Trump And Chris Christie Reportedly Had A ‘Tense’ Conversation After The Mike Pence Leak

Donald Trump Attends Fundraising Rally For NJ Gov. Chris Christie
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After campaign sources leaked Donald Trump’s decision to pick Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate, Twitter spent most of the day trolling Chris Christie. That’s because, along with Newt Gingrich, he’d been vetted for the post by the presumptive nominee’s team — only to find out about his apparent rejection via the news. Reports concerning an official announcement on Friday tossed ample salt, glaze and other sugary toppings into the wound. So much so that the two men reportedly had a rather “tense” telephone conversation during Twitter’s antics.

According to NBC News correspondent Kelly O’Donnell, Trump wasn’t too happy about Thursday’s coverage of his choosing Pence. They described him as “surprised” and “irritated” because, among other things, he supposedly hadn’t made a decision yet. Nor had he consulted with Christie and Gingrich about the matter. The oversight wasn’t lost on Christie, who contacted the New York real estate mogul to discuss whether or not Pence had been selected.

“[Trump] spoke to Gov. Christie after 4 p.m. in what was described as a ‘tense’ conversation where a Pence pick was discussed but a final decision was not communicated… Christie sources, stung by the lack of clarity, indicated they did not expect to see Trump move away from Pence despite the unresolved conversation.”

Due to Trump’s postponing his Friday announcement following the Nice attack, it seems Christie’s alleged anger at not being picked (and finding out about it secondhand) is unfounded. Besides, in addition to delaying what was to be Pence’s formal presentation by the campaign, Trump has repeatedly stressed that he hasn’t, in fact, made a decision yet. Sure, he and his family met with Pence at the governor’s home, and the latter traveled to New York for Friday’s event on Thursday, but none of this means Trump has made a decision. Right? Guys?

(Via NBC News)