People Were Fuming Over Donald Trump’s Hair Tossing Interview With Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump makes a habit of calling into talk shows whenever possible, which allows him to boomerang all over the cable news and Sunday morning talk show circuits as well. It’s convenient for him, and tv hosts seem all too happy to indulge him. However, the Republican nominee made an exception for The Tonight Show. Not only did he appear in the flesh, but Trump also endured an experiment at the hand of Jimmy Fallon. Yes, Fallon couldn’t help himself. He gleefully mussed up the “bird of paradise” otherwise known as Trump’s careful coif.

At least he asked first, right? Trump probably agreed to this in advance, but he acquiesced to Fallon’s wish. Is this a thing, wanting to run your fingers through those helmet-y strands? Well, Fallon felt that way, and he really dug in there. He mussed up Trump’s hair real good.

People had some surprisingly strong reactions to this spectacle. Some folks didn’t take too kindly to Fallon cutesy-ing it up with the divisive candidate. As Twitter user Tim O’Donnell put it, “Don’t put Trump on TV & treat him like a buddy & muss his hair. It humanizes a monster. Stop it.”

His thoughts weren’t too far off base with much of social media.

Others weren’t quite as revolted. In fact, some folks enjoyed the show.

If some of these users’ “deplorable” Twitter handles are any indication, these reactions fell pretty neatly down party lines. Trump’s hair may never recover.

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