Trump Claims He’ll Release Detailed Medical Records, But Only If Clinton Will Do The Same

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During this unusual election season, some of the stories that have snatched headlines have been rather sensational. The latest installment includes Donald Trump tossing out the possibility that he and Hillary Clinton should release detailed medical records to the public. He may have been following up on a conspiracy theory that was recently featured on Dr. Drew’s HLN show (after which the show was cancelled) about Clinton’s supposed health issues. Trump tweeted that he will release his own detailed records as long as Hillary follows suit and releases her own records as well.

In pure Donald Trump fashion, he called out Hillary by the nickname that he has coined for her — “Crooked Hillary” — and claimed that he’s willing to go the extra mile in this matter, pressing for her to do the same. Trump’s own doctor has come under fire of late after his glowing letter on Trump’s health became the center of scrutiny recently.

Of course, there is still a controversy over Donald Trump not releasing his tax returns yet and exactly why he refuses to do so. It’s not likely that we’ll see this information come to the forefront, but his doctor may soon be writing another letter if his challenge is genuine. Will Clinton bite?

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