Trump Doubles Down On His North Korea Remarks By Taunting Kim Jong-Un In An Early Morning Tweet Storm

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Another day, another Kate McKinnon “he will kill us all” Love Actually spoof comes closer to becoming a reality. On Thursday night, North Korea threatened to test a hydrogen bomb following an ominous statement from Kim Jong-Un, claiming that President Trump had insulted him and his country “in front of the eyes of the world” and that “he will face results beyond his expectation.” This, of course, was in response to Trump’s instigating remarks before the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week, and a new executive order which will allow the United States to target those who trade with North Korea.

Things are really starting to escalate, really fast, and this might be a good time for a world leader to strategically assess his next moves. Instead, Trump made another aggressive threat against the North Korean dictator as part of an early Friday morning tweet storm, calling Jon-un a “madman” who will be “tested like never before.”

Just 10 minutes beforehand, the president was ranting about Rand Paul and attempting to antagonize Republicans from voting against the upcoming Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill.

But Trump was just getting started, because then he moved on to his favorite topic of conversation, “Crooked” Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election — which he won’t stop talking about despite the fact that he technically won.

We will update if and when Jong-un responds to this new threat.