Hillary Clinton Gives The ‘Love Actually’ Treatment To An Elector On ‘SNL’

The Hunt for Hillary actually seems to be more of a one time deal for SNL, but that doesn’t mean they were done with the former Democratic candidate for president in 2016. Weeks after that Leonard Cohen cold open either left people tearful or wondering what was going on, it seemed like SNL was putting the Clinton character to bed after a long campaign. But here she is, back for Christmas and pulling a Love Actually with an elector.

You can’t escape Love Actually at this time of year it seems and you can’t escape talk of the election anywhere, at any time, with anybody. Even when you try to avoid intentionally, it still shows up and tries to tell you to use your electoral vote for The Rock or John Kasich. These are two things are that aren’t alike in any shape or form, but they’re not Donald Trump so it works for the bit. I do like that the show is back to making fun of Clinton a bit and Kate McKinnon gets a chance to show off, leaving behind the tearful piano playing and mysterious soul searching in the woods.

If anything, even if you dislike Love Actually and Clinton at this point, you can admire Kate McKinnon’s work with those cue cards. I’m sure there was plenty of practice and second takes, but it’s still good work. The guys from INXS can go eat their hearts out or pal around with Bob Dylan and his nobel prize, they can’t compete here.