German Police Have Seized 5,000 Orange, Trump-Shaped Ecstasy Tablets

Partiers throughout Europe have been popping Cheeto-colored ecstasy tabs in the shape of Donald Trump’s head, but German police just put a dent in the supply. Osnabrück officers pulled over a father-son duo who were packing about 5,000 tablets of the stuff, which could have sold for over $40,000 on the street. And while this isn’t the first time odd items have popped up featuring Trump’s signature swooping hairdo (Trump chicken, anyone?), this is especially weird and wacky, given how much Trump embraces the “Just Say No” approach to all kinds of illegal substances.

President Trump is well-known as a teetotaler, preferring Diet Coke to the strong stuff after growing up with an alcoholic for an older brother. And while there was some rib-poking and speculation after that one infamous debate during the campaign about whether Trump likes to unwind with a different sort of coke than what comes in a silvery can, there’s no evidence that he’s ever not stone cold sober. Of course, you don’t have to be a fan of chemical recreation to wind up with your face on a pill — just ask Barack Obama, who no longer tokes but also found himself the face of a few different formulas back in 2009.

Perhaps the most ironic element of this trend is that the President’s pompadour should be the chosen shape for a drug known for producing warm and fuzzy feelings and an abundance of empathy, two things notably lacking in the U.S. after a divisive election and wave after wave of controversy. That could also be a bitter pill for the president to swallow.

(Via Washington Post)