Trump Ridicules His Own ‘Politically Correct’ Justice Department For Its ‘Watered Down’ Travel Ban

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Despite drawing criticism for almost immediately politicizing the London terror attacks over the weekend, Donald Trump pressed on Monday morning with yet another Twitter rant. This time, however, the president focused entirely on the desired end of his politicization — getting the Supreme Court to enforce the revised version of his controversial travel ban as soon as possible. The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against reinstating Trump’s initial executive order in late May, a move which ultimately — and unsurprisingly — perturbed the president greatly.

So much, in fact, that Trump turned against his own Justice Department during Monday’s social media deluge, in which he insisted on “calling it what we need and what it is” — a travel ban. “The Justice Dept. should have stayed with the original Travel Ban, not the watered down, politically correct version they submitted to S.C.,” he tweeted. Minutes later, the president continued insulting his own executive branch while calling upon the Supreme Court to expedite a hearing for the “watered down” travel ban so that the Justice Department could eventually “seek [a] much tougher version.”

“In any event,” Trump concluded in his fourth and final tweet, the country would continue using extreme vetting “in order to help keep our country safe.” This, he added with a final insult, despite the “slow and political” nature of the courts. Meanwhile, those playing the “Which cable news morning program set off @realDonaldTrump?” game at home may want to check out the Morning Joe clip below. In it, co-hosts Joe Scarborough blasts Trump’s administration for not being able to “figure out whether it’s a travel ban or not.”

Looks like the press secretary bot has its work cut out for it this morning.