Folks Reacted As You’d Expect To President Trump’s Latest Supreme Court Choice

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The circus that is the Trump administration got its chance to select yet another Supreme Court justice, with the president giving the nomination to Brett Kavanaugh — a longtime Republican character that has popped up at numerous flashpoints throughout the past thirty years and will likely stick around in the Supreme Court for thirty more.

While he looks like Stevie from Eastbound And Down, Kavanaugh comes with an Ivy League background and connections to some of the significant Republicans to move through DC in recent years according to The New York Times:

In choosing Judge Kavanaugh, the president opted for a battle-scarred veteran of Republican politics but also someone with close ties to the Bush family — a history that aides to Mr. Trump said he viewed as a strike against him and had to overcome.

Before serving Mr. Bush in the White House, Judge Kavanaugh worked for him in the 2000 presidential vote recount in Florida. When Mr. Bush nominated him in 2003 to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Democrats complained that he was too partisan. He survived a contentious confirmation hearing and was confirmed in 2006.

While the entire nomination announcement was treated like some sort of awards show by the president, Congressional Republicans, and the major news media, the rest of the reactions treated it as a foregone conclusion. Outside of the Supreme Court itself, protestors and pro-life supporters clashed, with demonstrators only increasing their unhappiness after the choice was announced.

The reactions online weren’t much different, with most folks splitting into political lines to either praise the choice and rub it in on those who criticize the president or to point out that they feel the country is about the fall into the crapper. Most of the major opponents of the choice made their opinions heard shortly after the announcement:

And while most of the supporters were quick to attach themselves to the idea of a judge interpreting the law and not making the law, some supporters hinted at the real reason this selection would make them happy.

Good for them. Now we’ll get to see if the opposition can find a way to block this nomination in Congress. The chances are very slim, so prepare yourself.

(Via New York Times)