Elizabeth Warren’s First Campaign Appearance With Hillary Clinton Looked Like A VP Audition

The first joint campaign appearance of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren couldn’t have come at a better moment. The Supreme Court dropped a new landmark abortion ruling in the Whole Women’s Health vs. Texas case, which aimed to heavily restrict abortion access across the vast Lone Star state. Even a deadlocked court would have allowed the appeals court ruling to stand, but — as anticipated — Justice Anthony Kennedy’s digging on the issue resulted in the court finding Texas’ 2013 HB2 law unconstitutional.

This pro-choice victory on one of the most important women’s issues just happened to land alongside Clinton and Warren’s inaugural moment on the campaign trail. The verdict was certain to arrive this morning (as it’s the last remaining date on the SCOTUS calandar), so the timing may have been planned. Whatever the cause, Irin Carmon of NBC/MSNBC made note.

Neither Clinton nor Warren mentioned the SCOTUS ruling (and they may not have known yet), but their union made a strong statement in the swing state of Ohio. The Massachusetts senator is thought to be on the VP shortlist (and indeed, is a dream candidate to many) because her strongly progressive viewpoints could reel in far-left Sanders voters. Although these two women didn’t previously hold strong political ties, they privately met a few weeks ago. It sure looks like the meeting went well as they stepped onto the stage, both clad in blue. Warren has offered herself up as a Clinton surrogate for months, and these opening seconds provided a big moment: “I’m here today because I’m with her. Yes, her!”

The duo also spread a populist message onstage, which is a wise approach to close the bridge with Sanders fans. Clinton, who has delivered paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, joined together with the very anti-Wall Street Warren. The tone shift was noticeable from Clinton: “I got into this race because I wanted to even the odds for people who have the odds stacked against them. To build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, we have got to go big and we have got to go bold.”

Also, this happened. Who knew Clinton was so metal?

This hand-holding pose also seems ripe for VP speculation, perhaps one for the ages or at least a Predator handshake.”

And a Ghostbusters-remake allusion feels appropriate, especially since a vocal contingent still complains about women mucking up the collective bustin’ fandom’s childhood.

Warren devoted part of her speech to calling out Donald Trump: “He will crush you into the dirt to get whatever he wants. That’s who he is.” Clinton praised Warren for taking on Trump on several occasions: “You just saw why she is so terrific, so formidable. Because she tells it like it is. I have to say, I do just love how she gets under Donald Trump’s skin.” And that’s the name of the game right now. Trump will fight dirty, and these two women have bonded together to stand strong against him. Now, will Clinton formally choose Warren as her VP? The full speech offers a few more clues.