Michael Che And Colin Jost Tempt The DNC With Free Bottles Of Trump Water

The presumption was that the Republican National Convention was the best place for comedians to roast politicians, but the Democratic National Convention this week has provided comedians with just as much material. Case in point is Wednesday’s “Weekend Update” coverage on MSNBC.

Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che and Colin Jost returned for a second installment of their MSNBC-edition of the SNL staple. They previously did a major roasting of Donald Trump, but no one was left out in the cold this time around. One of the remote segments had the two ribbing adamant Bernie Sanders supporters who are steadfast in believing The Bern had a chance to win. Colin Jost remarked “There’s been so much passion and enthusiasm here — only problem was, most of it was for the guy who lost,” in a reference to Sanders:

Che pointed out that many Sanders supporters were emotional during the DNC, but was curious why they were so upset:

“Look at all these white girls crying — they look like Dave Matthews just played ‘Crash Into Me. What are you so sad about? You’re gonna be fine. What do you think is going to happen if Bernie Sanders doesn’t get to be president? You still get to be white.”

But the “Weekend Update” hosts also made sure to get their daily Donald Trump reference in. Che and Jost traveled around Philadelphia offering free Trump Ice water bottles to patrons on the hot day, with some outright refusing when seeing the media mogul’s face on the bottle:

But it was pretty hot that day and some people did partake in the free water.

(Via NBC)