Whoopi Goldberg Suggests That If Trump Wants A Military Parade, Maybe He Should Pay For It Himself

Reports of Donald Trump ordering a military parade in Washington D.C. are not going over well, to say the least. Between the comparisons to dictatorships like North Korea to the hefty price tag such an endeavor will cost taxpayers — since it remains to be seen where, exactly, this money will come from — even Trump-friendly Fox News is criticizing the idea.

Trump’s military parade was a topic on The View on Wednesday morning, and not surprisingly the panel was decidedly anti-parade. Even conservative Meghan McCain, who is an outspoken advocate of United States troops, thinks it would be a bad idea. “I think in the era when we have over nine million veterans enrolled in VA healthcare and 40,000 veterans that are homeless, I think that money can be better spent,” she pointed out.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, had an even better idea — launching into the following inspired rant:

Here’s what I’m gonna suggest, ’cause you-know-who always says he’s got money, he’s a billionaire, he’s a confi-llionaire [sic]… You pay for it! You pay for this, okay? Because quite honestly, you know, if you wanna see it, you oughta do it. Like, I feel like that about the wall! You want this wall? You should be kicking money in! ‘Cause I know that there’s 900 million dollars … kick some money in!

There was that big old tax thing we were talking about, you said you were so smart to beat us, beat the American people, by not paying your taxes on that amount of money, so if you want to do that, you got the money, you got that hotel that they say that you don’t get any money from but your name is on it– I’m not pointing fingers, but I’m just suggesting that you might be better served with this, to give the American people a gift.

Given that Trump is not exactly known for his generosity, or hell — even paying people their hard-earned money in the first place, it’s likely this suggestion would fall on deaf ears.