WikiLeaks Sent Alex Jones Into Meltdown Mode And Trolled The Internet With A Nonexistent October Surprise

Getty Image / InfoWars

A whole lot of people stayed up all night to watch WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s projected “October Surprise” against Hillary Clinton. This seemed to be his intention, given how WikiLeaks has dumped emails that reflected poorly on both DNC tactics and Clinton, and Assange has gleefully promoted conspiracy theories about a DNC staffer’s death. In addition, Assange played up his announcement while canceling due to “security concerns” and alluding to the Ecuadorian embassy in London not being safe enough for one of his famed balcony announcements.

As it turns out, the balcony wouldn’t have worked anyway, for Assange delivered a full-on WikiLeaks infomercial via livestream in a Berlin press conference. The event turned into a mumbly Assange cheerleading session over the site’s 10th anniversary, and he lazily rambled through the marbles in his mouth. In doing so, he trolled much of the Internet, which ranged from Trump supporters who were so excited about the promised anti-Clinton revelation to idiots like myself who slept in an office chair to wake up for the 4 a.m. EST airtime.

However, the King of WikiLeaks simply promised a series of 10 weekly data dumps before year’s end with some of them arriving before the election. Assange appeared to have forgotten all about how the WikiLeaks Twitter account teased a surprise for days on end (and tweeted a possibly fake comment from Clinton about wanting to “drone” Assange). In response, social media lit up with angry tweets, and this reality led InfoWars‘ Alex Jones — who went to the trouble of livestreaming his reactions to the entire press conference — into a meltdown. In this clip, jilted Jones decided Assange was a “sociopath” who stabbed the internet in the back.

This video — which shows Jones going ballistic — has been tucked down into this post with a somewhat harsh language warning.

You can watch the full InfoWars episode here, but we’ve already presented the gist. On Twitter, folks were either highly amused or incredibly angry at being punked by Assange.

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